Short Film

A fly is trapped behind a window. A man lives in a new city. People’s worlds are crammed into a small space, yet they are galaxies apart. Flies are drawn to a street light. Alone and together. One and many.

Festival Screenings

Special Curator's Award 6th Vkratze! Short Film Festival Volgograd 2018
International Competition 15th Pacific Meridian IFF Vladivostok 2017
International Competition 27th Curtacinema Rio de Janeiro 2017
Narrative Competition 2nd Slow Short Film Festival Mayfield 2018
International Competition 7th Silk Road Film Festival Dublin 2018
International Competition That One Film Festival Muncie, IN 2018
Official Selection 6th Chaktomuk Short Film Festival 2017
Official Selection 10th Pristina International Film Festival 2018

Producer: Charlotte Lelong, Prum Sreileak
Key Cast: Touch Bun Nara, Chia Narin, Touch Charlotte
Director/Cinematographer: Jonas Bak
Sound recordist: Socheat Cheng
Editor: Jonas Bak
Sound Design: Chris Gayne
Original Music: Thomas Ellis
1st AD: Prum Sreileak, Sun Sothy

Phnom Penh, 2017.

Director's statement:

While living in Phnom Penh, I spent a lot of time watching life unfold in front of me, trying to soak it all up and hopefully rinse out something that I could make a film from. And the more I was taking in images, the more I realised that there was something in this city that had to do with me. Observations that connected me with this foreign place. They had nothing to do with culture or language, it wasn’t any dramatic stories, nothing that aroused great emotions, it was simply the phenomenon of human life in a city. It was the secret, quiet moments of dreaminess and seclusion that people try to hide in a place where extroverts rule. The faces of city people that, if you look at them long enough, reveal that they might feel lonely, although, or perhaps because they are surrounded by millions of others. Eyes that give you a glimpse of hidden universes of thoughts where you can find a bit of harmony in the midst of the vices of a city. Those faces and eyes that one often can’t perceive because everything seems to move too fast around us or because we're all too caught up with ourselves. Those are what I wanted to capture with my camera. As if I was trying to listen to my neighbours through the wall.